Carrier is an immediate enterprise for the transportation of goods from one country to another according to the type of contract closed and the type of carriage (ground transport – air transport – sea transport – rail transport), the duties of the company. Freight Forwarding can be done by concluding a freight contract and issuing a bill of lading, in case of ground transportation of the truck intended for cargo, timing appropriate to the type of contract concluded, delivery of goods by freight or forwarder, monitoring of loading, presentation Documents related to the customs office of origin from destination to destination and monitoring of fast and safe cargo transportation, delivery to the consignee at the places where Customs is allowed, unloading and delivery of goods at destination carefully noted. Carrier companies as they have specific tasks. The law also provides for rights, some of which may be mentioned: if an event or other factors outside the scope of the order causes the customer to fail to comply, the carrier shall not be liable for any compensation, It is free from any contraction caused by Aqband packages or containers delivered in the same way as the sealed delivery. Mycos International Shipping Company is pleased to announce that it is ready for your courier .

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